Monday, October 22, 2012

Marvelous Week 4 - Hobbies & Crafts

I have looked at this reference center a little  before now, but never really checked out all the available subject matters that it covers. As someone who used to be pretty crafty, but have trouble finding time to read now, let alone make things, there was plenty here to explore.
1.I looked at several categories before deciding on Arts & Crafts. For a sub category I chose Seasonal crafts- thinking there might be some easy paper projects that we could use with the children at story time. My little library does not subscribe to any of the magazines that showed up in the results page.
2. I did save several projects to a Folder to review when I have time. I found articles on Wine Bottle tags, Simply Beautiful Greeting Cards and Crafting on A Budget.
3.I found the Help link useful in helping to set up the folders for me to save the articles I want to try out.

This is a site I will share with parents and creative types to explore. I will spend more time on the cooking, collecting and genealogy sites. This is a database it is easy to get lost in. Looking forward to long winter days with time to use it.