Saturday, October 13, 2012

Marvelous week 2

Well I see my biggest problem is going to be finding time to complete these assignments. I haven't posted week #2 and week # 3 is up. I am the sole employee here at Bremen so every time I take a minute to research the assignment I am interrupted. I did the research yesterday and as soon as I opened my blog to write, I had patrons come in that needed help. I thought I'd work on it more at home but life happens.
Well here is my take on Britannica.
This is such a useful resource to have available. I searched for information about Mars exploration and got some great information in my search results, but nothing on the latest robot (Curiosity) that landed in August, until I added 2012 to my search terms. For someone interested in the exploration of Mars there was good information, plus links to other sites like NASA that were useful.  For students, having all the citations available at the click of a button would be wonderful.
I also looked at some of the other research tools and liked the Timelines and the Atlas a lot. It seems the boundaries and names of countries in some parts of the world  are in constant flux. The Atlas gave detailed, up to date information that would be useful to anyone following world events.  For a student writing a report it would be a great resource. There were timelines available for different subjects like science, art and writing that gave a quick overview of the developments in the field you were looking into.
I used the translator that was on the bottom of the page on the article about Curiosity and it didn't look helpful to me. You would place your mouse on a word and all the Spanish meanings came up. It wasn't like having the entire article translated into Spanish that you could read.
The Britannica site is especially useful for students, but also for adults who are curious about a subject and want a source they know they can trust to give them accurate, in depth  information.