Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Marvel Invitational

I've been using this blog for the Bremen Library for a few years now. I don't blog often as  I do keep a library web page updated, and this sort of overlaps the information posted on the web page.
Over the years I have taken several classes through the MSL on Marvel, but still don't feel confident in teaching it to patrons. Taking the survey at the beginning of the invitational made me see how much is available that I have never looked at (all those business resources).  I use Novelist to prepare for my book group meetings and have used the craft pages a few times. Still so much to learn!
I viewed the introductory tutorials but since I am in the library I will go back to it when I am home to try logging in from outside the library. And I will have uninterrupted time to do more searching.
The opening comment about kids being good at computers because they spend  time playing around on them is so true. I often feel I am wasting time if I am not doing specific research on something, and don't take the time to really play around and learn what is there and how to find what is available.
This class should give me the motivation I need. And the tutorials have been short and easy to follow.