Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 3 Marvel Invitational

This is one of the resources on Marvel that I have not explored, so welcomed the lesson. Using Maine Newstand  I searched blueberries and aging, and got 110 results. I then limited it by date to get the most recent articles. I emailed an article to my home email which was a handy feature. I found the citation feature really easy to use, and the ability to choose what style you use, a plus for students and anyone doing research. I had first seen this on Britannica but was surprised to find it on Proquest too.As a student I found citations the worst part of writing a research paper- especially when you were using resources other than books.
I also did a search using Proquest to see how that worked for information less specific to Maine. I searched fracking in Pennsylvania and Quaker genealogy to explore the information available on these topics. Lots of good results for research.
I have looked at a number of blog entries of other librarians. I found many had not written much. And I couldn't figure out how to add a comment - did read those left by others. Something I will have to explore from home.
I have not had a chance to show any patrons the Marvel site this week- on the nice days it's been slow as people are enjoying the last days of autumn, and the patrons who have come in are looking for books or DVDs to get them through the rainy weather.